7 Inspiring Views Worth the Hike

We have all worked, sweated and maybe even bled on the hiking trail all in an effort to see some majestic amazing view. Sadly not all of them are exactly winners. But, here are seven views from a landscape photographer that were worth the hike!


Great Sand Dunes National Park

This hike is pretty easy to find in Great Sand Dunes National Park, you just climb up the small mountain of sand! It’s a short hike, but climbing up steep sand can really take it out of you (the hiking poles were helpful). However the views at the top of a massive sand dune is something that is definitely worth the effort. Especially at sunset, where the lights and shadows seemingly dance across the landscape and the sunsets.



Look, what have I not already said about this epic waterfall and the surrounding valley, just go! Haifoss is one of Iceland’s tallest waterfalls. Its a bit off the beaten path, you can hike to it or drive up a sketchy road next to it. Either way, being there is like stepping into the past, or into some kind of fantasy. I do wish I hiked the area more.


Death Canyon Shelf

Looking to remove yourself from civilization for a day, or longer? Then maybe go hike to Death Canyon Shelf. You can find this location in the backcountry of Grand Teton National Park. There are several ways to reach this location. The way we went was straight through Death Canyon, pictured above. There was something rewarding about looking down on something that I had just hiked, a manifest destiny kind of feeling. One of the nice things from from here are your options. Do you go back, take a different route down, or just continue on your backcountry journey? It’s your choice.


Dream Lake

A fairly short and easy hike found in Coloados’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Dream Lake is only one of several mountain lakes you can hike too on this trail. So when you get here, feel free to keep hiking or take a rest by the lake. Either is a great idea.


Pictured Rock National Lakeshore - Chapel Loop

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has an amazing coastline along Lake Superior. Its a long hike but well worth it! A good portion of this hike lets you walk alongside the coastline and you can even see a couple of waterfalls when you enter the forest. If it feels like it’s too much in one go then reserve one the campsites or you can lessen the hiking time by pulling a boat up to one of the beaches.


Cracker Lake - Glacier National Park

There are so many amazing hikes and views to be reached in Glacier National Park! The hike to Cracker Lake is just the only backcountry iv’e currently been able to do. I enjoyed it, a good day hike to do thats not overly stressful and what a place to spend the night.


The Narrows

This one is a little different from the others but man what an experience this place can provide you. In Zion National Park you take the shuttle here and then just hike up the river. I recommend getting to the trailhead early to help beat the crowds and to see some beautiful color shifts in the rocks. Waterproof everything you can because you’re going to get wet.