10 Interesting Animal Facts you can Share with Kids and Others



Pronghorns can run speeds of nearly 60 mph making it the second fastest land animal - only the cheetah is faster.


Mustangs are descendants from horses that were brought over from Spain in the 16th century and have mixed with other species over the centuries making them their own breed.


Ospreys are extremely well adapted to catching fish. They have evolved specific attributes like nostrils that can close while diving and claws that have specifically evolved to catching fishing. 

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goats are amazing climbers, able to traverse up vertical cliffs. Their hooves are specifically designed to help them dig and contour to the smallest of ledges. Even their body is designed to help them have better balance. 

Black Bear

Mother black bears will give birth to up to five cubs (average of 2-3) and nurse them, all while hibernating.

Big Horn Sheep

The horns on a ram (male) can weigh up to 30 pounds and they will use them to bash their head with another ram for dominance, sometimes for several hours.


Yellowstone National Park is the only place where bison have lived continuously since prehistoric times. They were hunted to near extinction, at one point only 325 were left in the wild.

Northern Cardinal

Cardinals mate for life but will ‘divorce’ if they are unable to produce offspring. 


Despite their size, moose are actually great swimmers. They have been seen swimming several miles at a time and can hold their breath for over 30 seconds. 


An elk’s antlers are made of bone and will regrow them every spring. The antler can grow up to an inch a day.