Iconic Photo Spots... Why do I Bother?

I’ve done a fair bit of traveling these past couple of years and that has enabled me to see and photograph some of natures most iconic places. But photographing these well known spots does have its draw backs, the most prevalent being over crowding. These are places that people are drawn towards for a reason. They are unique, stunning and that’s why me and many other people are there. 


waiting for sunset at Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Take this photo for example. It’s along the coast at Bass Harbor Lighthouse, in Acadia National Park, Maine. It’s probably the most popular sunset spot in the park. Heck, if you google the parks name and go to images, it’s the very first one! It looks peaceful though, like you’re just watching the sunset with only you and the sounds of the ocean. When in reality, there were over 40 people and I could hardly hear the ocean. I even arrived there two hours before sunset and still barely got a spot! This is just one example of these kind of locations. So despite all this, why do I still go through the effort to photograph these spots? Like I stated before, they are popular for a reason. They are beautiful and I think they at least need to be seen once. As a photographer, I consider them to be almost like bucket list items. In the case of Bass Harbor Lighthouse, I went and photographed it, glad I did, but I don’t need to do it again.