Where did I go this Time?

    So another week is coming to a close and along with it another place explored! This week I found myself in Saint Paul, more specifically at the Cathedral of Saint Paul, which is the sister cathedral of the Basilica of Saint May. By no means do I consider myself a religious man but I do have a soft spot for church architecture and an even softer spot for old/ historical buildings, which both was satisfied here. 

COST 6.jpg

    This cathedral standing today is actually its fourth iteration. The first was a simple log chapel built in 1841 for the French Canadian settlement of Pig’s Eye. That settlement, as you can probably guess, is what became the city of Saint Paul. Grounds for the current cathedral were broken in 1907, commissioned by Archbishop John Ireland. Then, in 2009, it was designated as the National Shine to the Apostle Paul.

    Walking into the cathedral, as I find with most large churches, has the initial effect of making you feel small. The dome is what you are immediately drawn towards. It stands very tall and most of the church is centered around it. With the layout and its style of artwork, I had a brief feeling of stepping back in time.

    Coming in to photograph here I knew I needed a few specific things: a tripod, a wide angle lens and a wired shutter release. I already knew that I need these things going in but what I didn't know about was the photography pass I needed to get in. You basically need it if your using a tripod and/or other more advanced equipment. It wasn't hard to get at all but it just reinforces why you do your research beforehand! Overall, it was a fun experience and if you areever in Sint Paul, it’s worth at least walking in a checking out. 


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