Wow! Its Already Been a Month!

It's been one month! One month since Kylee and I packed up everything and moved to Minneapolis. So far, it has been fun! Seeing and exploring new places has always been a joy for me, hence one reason why I'm a photographer. It also makes it easier that Minneapolis is, in a lot of ways, similar to Columbus. I'm not here to give a full scale review of the city but to just share with you some of my thoughts and experiences thus far. 



For everyone who knows me, I enjoy a good beer. I like going out and exploring new breweries and taking in the local brew. It's really the closest thing to a 'foodie' I will become. Minneapolis does not disappoint in this endeavor. In fact, I'm almost overwhelmed by all my options! I've lost track of how many breweries I have visited. I think it's somewhere around ten - which only covers probably half of my options - all of which are within a fifteen minute drive for me. So far, my favorite (and Kylee's as well) is Inbound Brewery; a wide selection of good beers, plus they allow dogs!



I love art and I love history...hmm, maybe I should have majored in art history? So, of course these would be the first places I would want to check out. So far, I have three places I would recommend if you're ever here to visit. 

WALKER ART CENTER - A contemporary art center which deals a wide range of art mediums within the last century (I believe).

BASILICA OF SAINT MARY - First opened in 1914, this is our country's first Basilica and, while I am not Catholic, that doesn't stop me from appreciating the architecture. The last place is the

MINNEAPOLIS INSTITUTE OF ART or MIA for short - This is one of the largest fine art galleries in the United States and free to the public, only charging for special exhibits. 



Known as the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota seems to work hard to earn its nickname. While I doubt the legitimacy of that number, there can be no doubt that they do have a lot of lakes. With that, they also have a lot parks, and intersecting bike paths throughout the city connecting to the major parks. While it's still been a bit too cold to go explore a ton, (believe me - the irony of there being so many parks in such a cold state as Minnesota is not lost on me) there is a sense of refreshment in them just being around. I did take a trip to Minnehaha Park, where I got to see a beautiful waterfall. It was really nice hiking around there and enjoying the nice warm day when I went. 


There are other things worth mentioning like the city's fascination with bicycles, how clean it is and the descent amount of homeless people I see just about everyday. But, those things will take more time to figure out. So far though, everyone has been nice and accommodating. They do love their hockey teams and I have had to defend my Columbus Blue Jackets a few times but that's nothing I can't handle. 


I want to thank everyone who wished us well on my families new adventure! If you have any questions or better yet ideas of places to go things to write please leave me a comment.