Columbus Chinese Lantern Festival

Kylee and I took a trip to the Columbus Chinese Lantern Festival this past week. The colors, fabrics and creations are spectacular! All of the lanterns are handcrafted using bright colored paper fabrics and LED's. They depict a wide range of things from different aspects of the Chinese culture to a strong representation of wildlife. Let me quickly walk you through our trip: 

CCLF 21.jpg

You enter by walking through a canopy of multiple, upside down paper lanterns creating colored flowers while beside you were other plants and spinning paper vines. Afterwards, you come face to face with a giant paper dragon rising high above you! It was a pretty awesome way to start seeing that I do love dragons. The way it started out not only surprised me but got me excited to see what else I would see. 

From there it was like walking into a zoo - paper animals spread out as far as I could see. So many animals were represented, from cute pandas, tough tigers, tall giraffes and vibrant flamingos just to name a few (more seen in the photographs below). 

After walking through to the see the animals, we crossed under another canopy of lanterns along with each of the Chinese Zodiac signs. Mine is a Dragon (of course) while Kylee's is a Goat. From there, we were able to see a bunch of giant paper flowers, like tulips, which is one of Kylee's favorites. They also had a little fish section and slightly creepy representations of the Finding Nemo characters. 

We continued our through the paper garden until we we came across these cool Dragon statues. There were four of them and while everything else was made of paper, these guys were actually made of little bottles filled with different colored water - very cool! After the glass Dragons, we walked up to representations of old Chinese Gods. The most prominent being the God of Wealth. It was a cultural touch that really I enjoyed! After that, we were treated to more flowers and came upon the end of our fun, little adventure. 

Overall, the event was fairly inexpensive (15$ per adult) and it was great way to learn some culture and add another event to the holiday itinerary – but something worth adding! The Chinese Lantern Festival is being held at the Ohio Fairgrounds and today is its last day. It is something that I highly recommend seeing if it returns next year!