5 Tips for Photographing Wildlife

NEVER get to close to a wild animal!   For photos like this it's always nice to have a long zoom lens.

NEVER get to close to a wild animal! For photos like this it's always nice to have a long zoom lens.

Getting ready for my trip to Yellowstone National Park! So while I'm cleaning and picking out what gear to take, I thought I would share with you 5 tips on photographing wildlife.


  1. Fast Shutter Speed- Unlike when your out taking portraits of people, an animal is not likely to just hang there and pose for you. So to capture that deer running or that bird in flight, you need to have a fast shutter ready to better freeze that motion. To get a better idea, check out my Camera Cheat Sheet.
  2. Don't be afraid to bump up ISO - In order to get your shutter speed fast enough, your going to need to turn up your ISO setting. Be cautious though because going to high will leave you with an image that is too grainy. So, know how far you can push your cameras ISO beforehand.
  3. Bring a tripod- Never hurts to stabilize your camera more. I often use a tripod for wildlife to help me increase the odds on getting that on-point shot. This is especially helpful when the animal is father away. It can be restricting at times though so always consider what type of animal your trying to capture and if it's right to have it or not. Either way, can't hurt to have a tripod handy.
  4. Be aware of the sun- Keep an eye on the sun and where it is in relation to you and your subject. In most cases, you don't wantto be shooting into the sun, otherwise, your just going to get a silhouette of the animal. While that can be a cool thing at times, this is not something you want to consistently do. Try to setup somewhere early and, if possible, try to have the sun behind one of your shoulders. But realistically, if an animal shows up, don't hesitate and think about where the sun is. After you capture several images , take a peek at your surrounding and look for a better angle.
  5. Know your Subject- They say 'knowledge is power' and that is true for wildlife photographers. Knowing the behavior and habits of any animal will help increase the odds in finding them. 

These are only a few tips. If you have any questions OR any tips on the wildlife in Yellowstone, please leave a comment!

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