Top 5 Places you Should Visit in Yellowstone National Park

Our Top 5 places we think you should see when visiting Yellowstone. Keep in mind this only based off of our opinions. If you want to see and hear more about our trip then scroll on up and check out our previous blog posts.

Hayden Valley

 Long valleys, rolling hills filled with large herds of Bison and Elk. Just thinking about the diversity of wildlife we witnessed there makes me giddy! The day before we went, there was a nice snow storm, so it was like a winter wonderland, which made it all the more beautiful. That didn't stop us from seeing an amazing matchup between wolves and grizzly bears (see the blog post Wolves vs Grizzly for more information). 


Grand Prismatic Spring

 This was a natural landmark that I have had my eyes on long before I came to visit the park. As we first stepped onto the boardwalk towards the spring, I couldn't see it at first because the steam coming off it was too thick. Then, after a few seconds, the wind blew and the worlds third largest geothermal pool (the other two being in New Zealand) showed itself. With a myriad of colors surrounding it, it's like looking at a liquid rainbow. I encourage anyone visiting Yellowstone to fit this into their plans.


Lamar Valley

 Green fields, winding rivers while surrounded by mountains. That's how I would describe Lamar Valley. A popular spot for wildlife, so of course with that in mind, we were very excited to get the opportunity to camp here. Hearing that this is one of the most common places to see wolves and grizzly bears, I was keeping a sharp eye out; sadly we weren't so lucky. However, wolves were spotted there the next day. Despite that, Lamar Valley more than made up for it with its large herds of Bison, fighting male Pronghorns and coyotes hunting.


Upper Geyser Basin and Old Faithful

 If you have never been to a geothermal area I highly recommend it. Geysers, steam vents and multi-colored pools of water, walking though it you will find yourself wondering if you're on another planet. Yellowstone has many geothermal areas and we managed to visit all the big ones. But Upper Geyser Basin was our favorite. It is around two square miles and holds nearly 1/4 of all the worlds geysers! It's also where you will find the famous Old Faithful and the Morning Glory Pool.


Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Twenty miles long and 1,200 feet deep, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Hell of a name, I know) holds some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. It has three large waterfalls that are amazing to see. We were able to see two of them. If you can, head to 'artist point' for an amazing view. Also go to one of the viewing platforms right beside the waterfalls where you can get a great feel for the power of them.